Best White Elephant Gift Ideas 2022

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas 2022; Shop Them Online

White elephant gift exchanges always provide a good laugh. However, the finest white elephant gifts are those that are a little ridiculous but can still be useful, such as a grilled cheese toaster, an “It’s Raining Men”-inspired umbrella, or even a warm burrito blanket! Today on HiGift blog we introduce the 10 best white elephant gift ideas for 2022. You can shop them online with eBay, Amazon, or any other retail gift card.

Every player in this entertaining game wants to bring the most coveted prize almost as much as they want to win it. If you’re having trouble coming up with gift ideas, check out our top 10 recommendations for the finest white elephant presents. There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re shopping for your family, friends, or coworkers.

Top 10 White Elephant Gift Ideas

The thrill of a white elephant gift exchange can often be found in scoring a bizarre present that you didn’t realize you wanted, but the ultimate delight of the game may be found in bringing a unique gift that can be stolen or swapped.

Tiny Mic

Tiny Mic

There’s no better way for your colleague or bestie to sing their heart out or give insightful commentary than with a tiny microphone, as popularized by the rise of talking head TikTok in recent years. While some TikTok influencers prefer a clip-on lavalier microphone, we prefer this miniature version of the original. It conveniently connects into any cellphone’s headphones jack, allowing the recipient of this secret Santa or white elephant present to sound off with panache at any time or in any location.

Individual Waffle Maker - Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Individual Waffle Maker

It’s a fact that no one wants to share their breakfast. Fortunately, this ingenious apparatus makes preparing individual portions a breeze.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This is for all of the shower singers on your guest list. They’ll finally feel like they’re playing in front of a big crowd not just their cats, thanks to this handy Bluetooth speaker.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit -  Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

With this easy, from-seed indoor herb garden kit, you can indulge your green thumb. Everything you need to start this garden, from seeds for four different varieties of herbs (basil, chives, parsley, and cilantro) to bamboo fiber small pots and expandable soil pellets, is included in this tiny but mighty starter package. In no time, the happy recipient of this present will be cooking with fresh herbs from their own garden.

Desktop Mini Bowling Game

Desktop Mini Bowling Game

This adorable desktop game will take everyone by surprise. It’s an excellent white elephant gift for both children and adults.

Dinosaur hooded blanket

Dinosaur Hooded Blanket

You can’t go wrong with this hooded blanket that’s as colorful as it is utilitarian, whether you’re shopping for a dinosaur fan or a hygge devotee. It’s warm enough for the couch, but lively enough for a night of donning costumes, with a 3-D dinosaur head on the hood, hairy spikes down the back, and soft paws on the edge of the blanket. It may be designed for children, but it is sure to bring a grin to anyone’s face.

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner -  Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

This small vacuum cleaner will keep their home or business desk spotless, just the way they like it. It is rechargeable and does not require batteries, according to reviewers.

Crystal water bottle

Crystal Water Bottle

Whether you believe crystals have therapeutic properties or just think they’re pretty to look at, there’s no disputing that they’re having a moment in the public consciousness. With this reusable crystal water bottle, which has a durable glass bottle with a crystal tip in its base, you may help someone tap into it. While there is no scientific evidence to support any claims of healing, it is a fun way to remain hydrated while reducing single-use plastic.

Portable UV Phone Sanitizer -   Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

Portable UV Phone Sanitizer

We’re all a little more afraid about germs these days, which is why this handy UV phone sanitizer would be a nice addition to anyone’s home. The device’s UV-C lamp kills bacteria in just five minutes, and its small size makes it portable and ideal for keeping germs at bay when traveling. The sanitizing case can also fit earbuds, glasses, masks, and other small objects, so it’s not simply for phones.

Bodum Pour Over 8 Cup Coffee Maker

People always say they want to get a pour-over coffee machine, but they never do. That’s why it’ll be a coveted item in a white elephant exchange!

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