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How to Buy Gift Cards with Crypto; HiGift 2021 Guide

Do you earn some cryptocurrency through yield farming, liquidity pools, staking, or price increases and want to buy something interesting? In this post, we’ll show you how to buy gift cards with crypto on HiGift. We will also go over how gift cards work and the benefits of purchasing gift cards with cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, most online and retail stores do not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, so if you need to buy a product, you would have to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat via a crypto exchange, deposit it into your bank account, and then purchase it from a retailer. This can be time-consuming and costly and cash-out limits, exchange fees, and transfer times are all factors to consider. However, there is a clever workaround that is simple but faster and less expensive. The trick is to use cryptocurrency to purchase gift cards from HiGift.

What are Gift Cards?

The purpose of a gift card is to give it to someone as a gift, which is why they are called gift cards. A gift card is a prepaid money card issued by a company such as Amazon, Apple, eBay, Google, or Steam. It has a monetary value, such as $100 USD. Gift cards can be used to make online purchases on a retailer’s website or directly at a brand’s physical store. It is determined by the type of gift card purchased.

Digital gift cards typically include a PIN code that must be entered on the retailer’s e-commerce site during the checkout process. Other gift cards that can be redeemed in the retailer’s store may include a barcode. You can print that barcode or keep a copy on your phone to show to the cashier when you pay. Another cool feature is the ability to purchase gift cards anonymously using cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Gift Cards with Crypto?

At HiGift, we will walk you through the process of purchasing the most popular gift cards with your cryptocurrency. When you arrive at the HiGift home page, you will notice the categories and brands listed under them. For example, if you want to buy something from Nordstrom, look for the brand under “Fashion & Beauty,” or if you want to buy a game currency, look for the brand under “Games,” and so on. As an example, let’s buy a Fortnite Gift card with cryptocurrency.

This is a step-by-step guide to shopping with Bitcoin.

1. Go to HiGift

Go to HiGift

2. Select Your Desired Category

Select Your Desired Category

After visiting the website, you will be able to see the product categories that are available. Select a category.

3. Select the Fortnite Gift Card and the Type and Card Value.

How to Buy Gift Cards with Crypto


Simply select the type. In this product, it is “Fortnite The Last Laugh Bundle (PlayStation 4)”. Its payable amount is 39.99USD. Select the package you want, then click “Buy”.

4. Choose Your Desired Shipping and Payment Method

Choose Your Desired Shipping Method

You can choose between SMS and Email. For SMS, enter an accessible phone number and for Email type your email address you have access to it. You want to buy gift cards with crypto, so you have to choose “Another Payment Methods”.

5. Proceed to Checkout

Proceed to Checkout

Choose your payment gateway to proceed to checkout and finish your purchase. In this step, you should choose “Crypto” to pay the price with Bitcoin.

6. Make the Crypto Payment

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Now you have to select where you will be paying from which includes WalletConnect, BitPay, Copay, Coinbase, etc. In this example, we choose BitPay gateway.

To complete your payment, choose Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrencies you want to pay).

7. Enter Your Contact Information

In this part, you have to enter an authorized and active email address. Checkmark the Privacy Policy Note and click Submit.

8. Receive your Fortnite code

After a few moments, you will receive an email with your Fortnite code. The time it takes to confirm the transaction on the network determines when the code is delivered. It will usually take a minute or two, but depending on network congestion and the miner fee, you may have to wait 5 or 10 minutes. Examine your spam/junk folder. If you still can’t find the email, please send an email from the email address you used to [email protected].

9. Redeem your Fortnite Gift Card

When you pay for your order, you just need to enter your PIN or Barcode on the gift card on Fortnite website or redeem your Fortnite Gift Card Code on different devices and platforms.

Attention: Please do not forget to check your spam folder in your email.

That’s it! That’s all you need to know about how to buy gift cards with crypto.


When it is still difficult to cash out and use cryptocurrency to buy goods and services, you realize that HiGift is a clever workaround that allows you to buy gift cards with cryptocurrency in 3-5 minutes.



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