Best Gamer Chat Applications

Best Gamer Chat Applications; Android & iOS

Gamers chat in a unique way from the rest of the population. A decent game chat will have a voice chat, a text chat, and a video chat component. Many recent ones also have a streaming component as an option. They may have a direct connection to Twitch or operate independently. There are a surprising number of options available, and most gamers are likely to be familiar with the majority of them. The best gamer chat applications for Android and iOS are listed below.

Top 5 Best Gamer Chat Applications




Band is a new program that may be used for a variety of purposes. It’s a comparable group chat program like Discord. You form a group, invite your friends, and then take advantage of the features. It features a built-in calendar so you can schedule things like game nights and events. It performs admirably and is reasonably functional. You can make group voice calls and upload almost anything, including video clips and memes. It’s designed for different purposes, but the majority of it can be jerry-rigged for gaming use. Like most gamer chat apps, it’s also free to use.


Best Gamer Chat Applications - Discord


As a courtesy, we’ve included Discord on this list. Everyone is aware of what it is and how it functions. That’s because it’s the most popular gamer chat app available right now, according to my knowledge. You can establish an infinite number of servers and tailor them to your own requirements. Voice and video conferences are available, as well as integrated streaming. You may use your gaming profiles to log in and show off what you’re up to. To be honest, it’s most likely your best option. For about 97 percent of people, the free version is sufficient. Nitro ($9.99 per month) is only worth it if you want to share larger photos, GIF emote compatibility, and per-server functionality.


Best Gamer Chat Applications


In terms of popularity, Skype has lost favor with gamers, but to be honest, it’s still a perfectly adequate platform for it. You may form group chats with a large number of people, make audio and video conversations, and share virtually any content with your friends. You may also connect your SMS account to the app and text chat with folks. It doesn’t have as many features as other gamer chat apps, and the mobile version might use some work, but it’s completely adequate otherwise.


TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3

One of the most well-known gamer communication programs is TeamSpeak. It’s largely a voice chat where you and your pals can engage in friendly banter. Text chat, player status notifications, and other features are included in the program. Players can even construct their own private servers, providing them more privacy. It’s a little more complicated than the majority of the others, so those looking for a quick fix should keep looking. Because the desktop experience is superior to the mobile experience, we hope the developers continue to improve it.




For mobile gamers, Pinch is one of the better gamer chat apps. It’s designed specifically for use while playing mobile games. Like most chat programs, it runs in the background. It also displays you what games your friends are playing in case you want to join in. Rather than text or video, the app focuses mostly on voice conversation. The call appears in a chat head bubble, allowing you to instantly mute it if necessary. It performs admirably for its intended function, and we strongly suggest it to mobile gamers.

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