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Gamers have had access to a diverse range of gaming consoles throughout history. Some have been simply horrible, while others have been incredibly fantastic, and many have lingered in the between. Let’s take a look at the best game consoles of all time and know why they deserve such praise.

These consoles are magnificent systems that transformed the gaming landscape forever when they were released. The gaming business develops quickly, and each new generation brings with it fascinating new possibilities that gamers could never have dreamed.

We have a plethora of amazing consoles to select from, ranging from the 1970s to the present day. The following are the home video game systems that we feel to be the best that exist, in no particular order.

Top 9 Best Game Consoles of All Time


Best Game Consoles of All Time

Home Pong

Home Pong has to be on any list of the best video game systems ever made. When Atari’s first home “console” hit screens in 1975, it generated a billion knockoffs and blew the minds of the same number of people. Sure, Atari’s Home Pong had a simple idea, but that was the beauty of it: anyone could play it, whether they were a youngster, a teen, or an adult.



Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Switch may be Nintendo’s most recent entry into the games console market (ignoring the upcoming Switch OLED), but that doesn’t negate its inclusion on this list. The Switch is a fantastic device, as seen by its enormous popularity and sustained status as the best-selling video game system in the United States.


PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2

The PS2, Sony’s second video game platform, sold 155 million units for a reason. There are several reasons why it sold 155 million units, but that figure alone makes it one of the finest video game consoles ever created.

When Sony released the PS2, it did it at the perfect time. Regardless of timing, Sony had produced something really unique with the PS2. It boasted PS1 backwards compatibility, a DVD player, and several hugely successful games like God of War and Ratchet & Clank, which are still being released today.


SEGA Genesis  - Best Game Consoles of All Time

SEGA Genesis

The 16-bit beast from SEGA was a fantastic home video gaming device. Not only did it spit in the face of its older 8-bit sibling, the Master System, but it also spits in the face of many of its rivals. The SEGA Genesis was the console of choice for the cool kids and one of the best gaming consoles of all time.


Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo Game Boy

Are you a true Nintendo lover if you haven’t spent hours staring at a grey brick with a green screen? Possibly not, but this isn’t about video game gatekeeping; it’s about how the Game Boy revolutionized home gaming. Why? Because your video games can now accompany you everywhere you go.

The Game Boy was the gadget to be seen playing back in 1989 and into the 1990s, bringing us masterpieces like Tetris and Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. This was a game invention, even if it wasn’t graphically dazzling by today’s standards.




The original Xbox was Microsoft’s first foray into the video game system market. It was a direct competition to Sony’s PS2 and the unappreciated Nintendo GameCube when it was released in 2001.

The console may not have been as successful as the PS2, but when it became the home of Xbox Live in 2002, it opened up a whole new world of gaming to its owners. Gamers could play against other Xbox owners no matter where they were in the world with this new service.

SEGA Game Gear - Best Game Consoles of All Time

SEGA Game Gear

The SEGA Game Gear is deserving of a spot on our list. The gargantuan Game Boy opponent made its debut in 1990, and it is, without a doubt, our favorite of the two portable platforms.  Playing games on a color screen in the palm of your hand was a wonderful experience that the Game Boy lacked.


Xbox 360

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is, without a doubt, the best of Microsoft’s home systems. The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s best-selling system of all time, owing to its large game catalog, which included more exclusives than you could shake a stick at. Microsoft even dared to step into Wii territory, with the motion-sensing Kinect peripheral proving popular among Xbox customers and receiving positive reviews from gaming critics.


PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

To round out our list of the best platforms, we’re including the PlayStation 5 in the mix. It’s a modern masterpiece, after all. To understand why the PS5 is the current-gen monarch, all you have to do is glance at its DualSense controller for ten seconds.

It includes extensible internal storage, which is critical in today’s download culture. Aside from that, it delivers the kind of performance we’ve never seen before on a gaming system. Furthermore, when 8K resolutions become commonplace, 8K ready will be a tremendous pleasure.

What do you think about best game consoles of all time?

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