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Play Apple Arcade Games with Controllers; True or False?

f you’ve subscribed to the Apple Arcade and are addicted to the games, you may feel compelled to try them out using a controller at some point. In that scenario, you’ll need to know whether or not the games support controllers, which games are supported, and a few other details. In today’s HiGift blog article we tell how to play Apple Arcade games with controllers.

This article has answered all of the common and general questions about using controllers to play Apple Arcade games. If you’d like to learn more about this special subscription, follow us.

Is there Apple Arcade Controller Support for Games?

Yes, Apple has made it possible to play Apple Arcade games using paired controllers. As a result, several of those games have built-in support for controllers. However, before you go ahead and plug and play, make sure to check if the game supports one and, if so, what controllers are compatible.

Which Controllers Are Supported in Apple Arcade?

Because you’ll be playing those games on an Apple device, Xbox and PlayStation controllers are the most compatible. There are also a number of less expensive solutions, such as MFI (Made for iOS), which are exclusive iOS controllers.

How To Pair a Controller with Apple Devices?

We indicated in the previous question that iOS devices work perfectly with Xbox, PlayStation, and other Bluetooth MFI controllers. To pair your device successfully, follow the guidelines for each manufacturer.

For PlayStation Controller

  • Make sure the controller is turned off because it has a tendency to reconnect to previously associated devices quickly.
  • To activate pairing mode, press the power and the share buttons together.
  • Your iOS smartphone should have detected the controller by now; simply hit the pairing button to connect it.

For Xbox Controller

  • Wait for the Bluetooth to turn on before turning on your controller.
  • Make sure it’s not linked to anything else, or it might not be discovered by the device you’re trying to connect to.
  • To enter pairing mode, hold down the connect button for a long time.
  • Pair it after your iOS device discovers it.

For MFI (Made for iOS) Bluetooth Controller

MFI Bluetooth controllers follow the same methods as Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but there may be some changes due to the brand’s pairing mode.

Check the brand’s page for specific instructions and follow them.

Which Games Are Supported?

It’s difficult to pick out the games that accept controllers from a list of over 180. Simply go to the Apple Arcade games section and select the game to get the controller enabled games quickly. Look at the description once you’ve opened the landing page. If the game supports controllers, an icon next to the developer’s logo should appear.

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