How to Rename Your Nintendo Switch
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How to Rename Your Nintendo Switch; Choose What You Want!

Did you know that your Nintendo Switch can be given a nickname? Now you know! In this article we’re going to tell you how to rename your Nintendo Switch.

The time has finally come. A Switch can finally call your hands home after years of waiting and months of saving. Yes, you could only afford one second-hand item. It is, nevertheless, no less attractive or capable of providing you with infinite hours of amusement.

While it’s impossible to recreate the joy of unwrapping a Switch for the first time, it’s not all doom and gloom. Another curiously rewarding experience that all console fans will be familiar with is naming your device.

So, how can you get rid of the traces of your new device’s previous owners? This is how to rename your Nintendo Switch.

Steps to Change Your Nintendo Switch Console Name

Your console can only have one name, unlike your Switch, which can have multiple profiles. All you have to do to change the name of your Switch console is go to System Settings > System. Then choose Console Nickname.

Change Your Nintendo Switch Console Name

Type in the name you choose for your Switch from here.

How to Rename Your Nintendo Switch

You can choose between a practical name like [Your Name]’s Switch and a humorous name that will make you laugh every time you see it. In fact, with the appropriate Switch name, there’s nothing stopping you from being particularly inventive.

You could, for example, give your Switch a human name and tell all your pals that you spent the weekend with them. On a more mundane side, you may want to change the name of your Switch when giving it as a gift or prepping it for its new owner.

Give Your Switch a New Life (and Name)

What is the significance of a name? Many things, it appears. While giving your Switch a name has little effect on your gaming experience, it does provide a sense of accomplishment. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to naming your device. You might as well enjoy yourself.

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