Ways to Improve Mobile Gaming Experience
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Touch Screen Suck; Ways to Improve Mobile Gaming Experience

Mobile gaming becomes better and better with each new smartphone release. Each smartphone generation comes with more powerful CPUs and larger memory capacities. Screens have higher resolution and refresh rates. However, playing games on the flat candy bar-style smartphone is difficult. Here are ways to improve mobile gaming experience.

Even gaming smartphones are now available for individuals who are passionate about mobile gaming. To enhance your gaming experience, these devices include built-in fans, extra buttons, and even external attachments.

4 Ways to Improve Mobile Gaming Experience

Mobile Controller Trigger Gamepads

Controllers that physically contact your screen are known as mobile controller trigger gamepads. These are low-cost devices that do not require electricity or a connection. The triggers on these gamepads operate as levers, causing the arms on top of the controller to touch your display when you pull one with your finger.

When you press a trigger, there is almost no latency because these are physical devices. It doesn’t use any of your phone’s battery power and doesn’t require charging. There are some models with a built-in fan to assist cool down your energy-hungry device, but it’s all analog otherwise.

Bluetooth Controllers

Bluetooth Controllers

If you have the funds, a Bluetooth controller is an option. These controllers normally come in two flavors: the first is the Xbox or Playstation controller shape with a smartphone attachment on top, while the second is the Xbox or Playstation controller shape without the smartphone mount. The other looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch.

These controllers have some drawbacks. The first disadvantage is that these controllers are more expensive than analog controllers. They also need to be charged or connected to a power source before they can be used. In some games, you’ll be paired with players that have the same setup as you, which means your opponents will have similar, if not better, reflexes than you.

Keyboard and Mouse for Smartphone

A gaming keyboard and mouse arrangement on a smartphone would be appreciated by the most dedicated players. There are wired and wireless docks available for connecting wired accessories to your Android smartphone.

These controllers will operate as a hub, allowing you to connect your phone to a gaming keyboard and mouse. It might also be used to connect a wired headset for the finest possible gaming audio. If you’re used to playing on PCs, a keyboard and mouse combo will give you the upper hand.

However, there are significant drawbacks to this technique of control. To begin with, this could be costly. If you already own a gaming keyboard and mouse, you may be able to save some money. Gaming controllers, on the other hand, are often purchased solely for the purpose of gaming.

Second, the arrangement isn’t portable. It’s not something you can take with you and use when you’re bored or waiting for anything. Furthermore, not all mobile games allow for keyboard and mouse input. If you’re thinking about buying this equipment, make sure your favorite game supports this input method first.

Gaming Smartphones

If you live for gaming, now is the best moment to invest in a gaming smartphone. Manufacturers create these devices with a single purpose in mind. The Asus ROG Phone 5, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, and the Nubia Red Magic 5G are the three gaming mobile phones available right now.

Because these phones are designed for gaming, you’ll find them to be powerful and comfortable to use. They include unique characteristics including built-in active cooling and shoulder buttons that are ideal for horizontal gaming.

Gaming Smartphones

The screens on these phones have high refresh rates, up to 144Hz in some circumstances. You can play fast-paced games without sacrificing quality this way. Some even have two charging ports: one on the bottom and the other on the side. Even if you’re fighting with your friends, this makes charging easier.

However, because these phones are primarily designed for gaming, they often overlook other areas such as photography. As a result, they rarely have the most advanced camera systems on board. Even if they’re developed for gamers, their “gamer look” may not be to your liking.

The Future of Mobile Gaming

Developers have been able to produce better games because to the increased capability of smartphones. Gone are the days when the App Store’s only good games were puzzle and match three games. AAA games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG: Mobile, and Need for Speed are now available on mobile devices.

As smartphones get more powerful, better games are likely to emerge. And when game makers improve their games, there will be a desire for better smartphone gaming accessories. Consider cellphones that are strong enough to provide a truly immersive gaming experience in the palm of your hand. With each passing year, we grow closer to achieving this goal. Mobile gaming has a bright future ahead of it.

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