Xbox Night Mode; You Want to Dim the Lights?

If, like me, anything brighter than one lumen makes your eyes squint, you might be in luck, especially if you own an Xbox. What do I mean by that? You’re about to acquire Xbox Night Mode function, which will provide some relief to your oversensitive rods and cones.

Xbox Unveils Console Night Mode

Let’s face it, gazing at a bright screen for hours isn’t healthy for your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you can feel your eyes straining or not; if your screen is bright, they will.

Similarly, device LEDs can be overly bright. So much so that you may need to eliminate these sources of light from a room you’re trying to sleep in; for example, console and controller LEDs.

So, it’s a fantastic news that Night Mode is coming to Xbox shortly, according to the newest Xbox Insider Release Notes. It’s accessible to Xbox Insider alpha testers as of today, and Microsoft will continue to test it before releasing it to the general public.

Xbox Night Mode

What Is Xbox Night Mode?

Xbox Night Mode essentially allows you to dim the LED lights on your Xbox system and controllers. As a result, you can now adjust the amount of light emitted by your power button. You may dim the Home Button and other lights on the device using the controller in the same way.

Not only that, but it also gives you the option of dimming your screen. If your console’s screen is excessively bright, you can decrease the strain on your eyes by decreasing the brightness.

Night Mode can even be scheduled. So, if you want it to turn on at specific times, such as when you want to go to bed, set your console to lower all of your lights to zero, and you may sleep while it’s on. This enables it to auto-update, for example, so you don’t have to turn off your console to turn off those glaring LED lights.

Why Is Xbox Night Mode a Useful Feature?

If you have sensitive eyes and are constantly looking for dark mode in your apps and on your favorite websites, this is a terrific solution to lessen eye strain while playing Xbox.

Even when your Xbox isn’t being used, it’s a terrific method to keep the bright LED lights from bothering you in other ways, especially if you’re trying to sleep in a dark area. Nobody wants their dreams to be invaded by a bright green light.

Xbox Night Mode - 1

It is, nonetheless, useful in terms of power usage. Particularly with regard to controllers that are powered by batteries. When you dim the lights to their lowest setting, your battery doesn’t have to work as hard to keep them lit. As a result, you should notice an increase in battery life.

Dim Those Xbox Lights!

You may now dim the lights on your Xbox, which is a good idea for the reasons listed above. If you want to safeguard your eyesight, reducing eye strain when playing video games is critical, and having a little more power in your controller isn’t a bad thing either.

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