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Best Farming Games for Android; Green and Fresh

We love farming games on any platform. Being able to farm in the digital world has brought a whole new adventure, since most of us do not have the land or patience to farm in the real world. When you’re taking care of your farm and engaging with the people who come to see farms, it’s just so peaceful and calming. In this article we compiled the best farming games for android.

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Top 7 Best Farming Games for Android


Stardew Valley - HiGift

Stardew Valley

Publisher: Chucklefish

Available on: iOS + Android + Switch

Genre: Multiplayer, Simulation

Stardew Valley is just the best farming game on Android (and everything else, to be entirely honest) at the moment. After you are granted a farm from your grandfather, leaving your awful office life, you can then build up your farm, clean the land, get animals, connect with villagers, attend festivals and so much more. The game is built on energy, which may be replenished by resting or taking hot baths at the end of the day.

It’s one of the greatest games of all time, and what’s even more astounding is that it was created entirely by one person. Stardew Valley is both peaceful and enjoyable. Make sure you try it at least once in your life; it’s well worth the money.


Harvest Town - Best Farming Games for Android

Harvest Town

Publisher: Gaminpower Co., Limited

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation

Harvest Town is a great farming game for Android that is similar to Stardew Valley in many ways and will provide you with not just a sense of success but also plenty of jobs to keep you busy. Season changes, sailing, mining, and much more await you in Harvest Town, just as they did in Stardew.

It also has some pretty pixel graphics that feel like a great fit for the game, so if you’re looking for a fun farming sim to keep you occupied for a few hours, this is the one to play!


FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Developer: Zynga

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Casual

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a more arcade-style farming game in which you may steadily build up your farm over time by producing various crops and acquiring various animals to help you make money. Many of these products, like the PC version of FarmVille, need you to wait a long time until they are ready to harvest, so it’s a long grind.

If you’ve ever played FarmVille, you know how addicting and enjoyable it can be. FarmVille 2: Country Escape utilizes the same formula as the first game, but takes it to a whole new level.


Hay Day - Best Farming Games for Android

Hay Day

Publisher: Supercell

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Casual, Simulation

Hay Day is a farming game in which you can cultivate crops, feed your animals, and provide stuff to your neighbors. You can grow and produce for others, open a roadside shop, fish, expand your town, and even go observe how other people’s farms are going. It’s a good communal farming game for Android that has all of the essentials as well as some polish.


Egg, Inc. - HiGift - Gift Card

Egg, Inc.

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation

Egg, Inc. is an Android clicker farming game in which your farm consists primarily of chickens that produce eggs for you to sell. You’ll need to tap the screen to gather more eggs, then sell them to upgrade different buildings, obtain more hens, and overall run the factory-style farm you’re building for maximum profit.

It’s all quite simple at its core, but seeing all of these chicks run around your farm is a lot of fun, calming, and (honestly) bizarrely fulfilling!


Smurf's Village - HiGift - Gift Card

Smurf’s Village

Publisher: Capcom

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Casual

The Smurfs, it turns out, farm their hamlet in order to feed and survive. You must not only cultivate food for your Smurfs, but also mushroom homes for them to live in! You may customize your village, interact with characters from the TV show, and play a variety of mini-games.

Smurfs’ Village will undoubtedly prove to be up to the task if you enjoy colorful games where you can show off your decorating abilities. We recommend that you strive to maintain a balance between the decors; otherwise, you can wind up losing all of the agricultural plots in the jumble of decors!


Family Farm Seaside - Best Farming Games for Android

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Simulation

If you’re looking for a farming game that isn’t set in the middle of nowhere, Family Farm Seaside is the game for you! You’ll be farming and caring for animals on the beach, with the water and the sand just offscreen. Family Farm Seaside also includes a kitchen component, allowing you to either sell or cook with your produce.

This game is entertaining, but if you don’t enjoy waiting for crops for lengthy periods of time, it may not be for you. Apart from amazing farming and cooking, Family Farm Seaside doesn’t have much more to offer.

As you can see, some of the best farming games for Android are paid. In order to buy these games, you have to redeem a Google Play Gift Card. You can order your gift card from HiGift.

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