Best Candy Crush Tips and Tricks of 2021

Best Candy Crush Tips and Tricks of 2021; Have Some Fun

Candy Crush Saga is as sweet as the sweats it features, and it’s so addictive. What began as a simple Bejeweled clone that could be played immediately in your web browser is now competing for your attention and money across the internet, Facebook, your tablet, and even your phone. It’s important to take advantage of best Candy Crush cheats, tips and tricks of 2021.

Despite the fact that Candy Crush is completely free to play, it can quickly become one of the costliest hobbies you’ll ever have. King is able to fund a free-to-play game like this by selling in-app purchases such as extra lives and boosters. So, visit Higift to buy iTunes or Google Play gift card to increase your credit and play better.

Top 15 Best Candy Crush Cheats, Tips and Tricks of 2021; Let’s Have Some Fun

While there are certain ways to game the system in Candy Crush, it’s critical to remember that services and programs that claim to hack your Candy Crush game or provide you with free lives, boosters, gold, or anything else are nearly always scams.

As you progress through the stages, Candy Crush Saga becomes increasingly challenging, and purchasing boosters might become prohibitively expensive. If you want to maximize your lives or earn some extra lives in a pinch, we’ve compiled a list of the best Candy Crush cheats, tips and tricks of 2021 to help you improve your game.

Best Candy Crush Cheats, Tips and Tricks of 2021

Begin smashing the candies at the bottom. When you make matches near the bottom of the level, it’s easy to start chain reactions that destroy additional pieces and earn you a lot of points. It’s improbable that making matches at the top will have this effect.

Don’t take advice at face value. If you don’t move for a long, the game will search for a match and display it to you by shaking the candies. This is helpful, especially for younger and novice players, but don’t use these matches on a regular basis. You’ll almost always be able to locate a better match on your own.

When at all feasible, plan ahead. You’ll fail the harder levels if you just create every match you see without thinking. Examine how the candies are arranged and consider what actions you can make to create a situation in which you can produce a color bomb or place pieces to clear jellies or other hazards.

Discover how to manufacture and use unique candies. Matching three candies together just clears them, however matching four or five candies together makes a unique candy. These unique candies are the key to completing more difficult stages.

Look for combinations and use the ones that work best. Combos are incredibly potent, such as swiping a color bomb into a striped candy. If you can get special candies to work together, they’ll do a lot better than they would on their own.

Use, combine and make striped candy in a proper way. Horizontal or vertical stripes can be found on striped sweets. The direction you swipe your finger to make the candy corresponds to the direction of the stripes, and the candy will clear a line that matches its stripes horizontally or vertically.

At each level, prioritize certain dangers. Make sure you’re not just making any old match. If a level contains specific hazards, such as licorice or jelly, deal with them first. You may run out of moves before you can complete the level if you don’t. Go after the chocolate first if the level contains it.

Concentrate on edge jellies

Concentrate on edge jellies. It’s more difficult to make matches on the edges, so attempt to clear them first if you have hazards like jellies on the board’s edge.

Moving ingredients to the edges is not a good idea. You should avoid shifting ingredients near the edges because it is more difficult to make matches there. Ingredients should always be placed in a column where they can be dropped onto a green arrow.

Learn how chocolate works so you can deal with it first. Chocolate is a creeping monster that extends to take over additional squares each time you make a match that doesn’t clear chocolate anyplace on the board. Make a match with any of the four candies immediately above, below, to the left, or to the right of the chocolate to clear it. If necessary, use special candies such as color bombs.

Look for candies that will give you more time. Try to include candies with a +5 icon in a match if you see them. These are additional time candies that appear in timed stages. You earn five more seconds if you can use one in a match.

Don’t overuse your boosters. As you play, you will earn boosters, and you may also purchase them for a fee. If you don’t save these powerful tools for difficult levels, you’ll be without them when you need them.

Especially difficult levels should be reshuffled. While a level’s layout and objectives are predetermined, the placement of individual sweets is completely random. If you start a level and don’t like how the candies are laid out, you can exit without losing a life if you haven’t made any moves yet. Restart the level and you might find yourself in a better position.

To earn additional points, complete levels using extra moves. When you finish a level and still have moves remaining, jelly fish or striped candies will appear, earning you more points. The more moves you make, the more likely it is that a tremendous cascade of bonus points will occur.

To get free lives, set the date forward on your mobile device. If you’re having problems and have used up all of your lives and are playing on a mobile device, you can move the calendar forward one day to gain five additional lives.

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