Best PlayStation Emulators for Android

In this post, we’ll show you the best PlayStation emulators for Android devices that are currently available. Emulators do not come with sports. So, dig out your old CDs, open a program like ImgBurn, rip your favorite game ISO, copy it to your SD card, and enjoy mobile gaming.

What is there to tell about the PlayStation? For those in their 30s who grew up with this console, it was almost certainly a huge part of their childhood.

The PlayStation became the first computer console to sell over 100 million units in less than a decade. What about game sales? A billion or more software units were sold. In reality, PlayStation games continued to sell until 2006, when Sony stopped manufacturing the console and its games.

It contains a large number of game names, some of which have become “legendary” over time. I’m sure everybody has a favorite, but titles like Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Tony Hawk are well-known.

Let’s get straight into the best PlayStation emulators for Android phones and tablets without further ado!

Top 4 Best PlayStation Emulators for Android



EmuPSX XL is a free PlayStation emulator that, unlike most others, actually works. EmuPSX XL also eliminates the need for a BIOS file. All you have to do now is load the ISO of your favorite game and start playing.

It was first released in October of 2020, and the most recent update was in April of 2021. This is important because it demonstrates that the developers are still working on and developing the emulator.

Its user interface is simple, and the advertisements can be irritating at times (not while you playing a game though).

It has options for peripherals (gamepads, joysticks, and keyboards) as well as mouse sensitivity. I spent several hours testing three games on this one (Syphon Filter, Armored Core, and Resident Evil) and had no issues. The games went off without a hitch. I’m not sure if it’s the same as any other PlayStation game, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

RetroArch - Best PlayStation Emulators for Android


RetroArch isn’t really an emulator, so calling it that would be a mistake. Consider it a ‘platform’ for emulators, or a portal if you like. You can choose the emulator you want (called ‘core’ in RetroArch) and download it (for the platform you want, in this case, PlayStation). Keep in mind that for legal purposes, the required files (BIOS) are not included. You’ll need to conduct a quick online search or rip the files from your PlayStation.

It’s not difficult to set up, and the PlayStation emulator available for RetroArch is one of the best. There are numerous guides available to assist you in locating anything you need for RetroArch. If you want to play some good old PlayStation games, it’s certainly worth your time. It’s also completely secure.

FPse for Android devices

FPse for Android Devices

On the Google Play Store, FPse for Android devices costs €3.49. It will automatically search all of your local storage for PlayStation games, show their covers, and play a short demo of each of them. You can download ten overlay gamepads that are compatible with G-Sensor and support almost any file extension. It also includes features such as auto-fire, automatic cheat codes, multi-player mode, and gamepad support. It is without a doubt one of the best PlayStation emulators available, with a simple to use gui.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android

ePSXe for Android

ePSXe was launched nearly a decade ago. It is not a free software, and the most recent update was in 2019. With that said, this is one of the best PlayStation emulators available. You won’t need to look for a BIOS file or anything. It’s got it all. It’s as easy as loading the ISO of your favorite game and playing it.

According to the app’s creators, this emulator works for 99 percent of PlayStation titles. Obviously, I couldn’t test every PlayStation game to back up their point, but it works well with the ones I’ve tried. Siphon Filter, Armored Core, Tekken, and other similar games.

If you’re looking to spend some money on an emulator (€2.99 on Google Play Store), this one should be on your list.

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