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Legendary Items on Roblox Catalog; Play Together

The ROBLOX Catalog is the place to go if you want to buy clothing, objects, accessories, gears, animations, or just customize your ROBLOX avatar in any way you want. The Roblox catalog is enormous!

I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve ever used the search function or simply scrolled up and down! However, there are numerous filters available to help you narrow down your quest. You can find genre filters, creator filters, and prince selection filters here.

There are also browser extensions that can make it a little simpler for you. For example, BTROBLOX is a Chrome extension that enables users to ‘tweak’ Roblox’s website in a variety of ways. It can also convert Robux to real money and show you the value of the things in real money.

RoPro is another extension that aims to improve users’ Roblox experience by introducing a slew of useful features, despite the fact that it has been linked to some security concerns.

To earn Robux (Roblox’s currency), many people spend a lot of time buying and (re)selling products. Roblox has a large user base and, of course, its own economy. There are certain things that command a high price, and there’s a reason for that.

10 Legendary Items in Roblox Catalog


Eerie Pumpkin Head - Roblox Catalog

Eerie Pumpkin Head

This was the prize of a contest 14 years ago. Just 33 copies were distributed to consumers. There are only 6 premium copies of this item available right now. It is estimated to be worth over 3 million Robux, but who knows for sure?



The Kleos Aphthiton

The Kleos Aphthiton

This is considered by some to be the most valuable object in the Roblox universe. It was once exchanged for 5 million Robux in exchange for a duplicate.



Duke of the Federation - Roblox Catalog


Duke of the Federation

This Federation series hat was originally limited to 25 copies and could be purchased for 100k Robux in 2013. Just 7 copies are still available after all these years. What is their worth? Over 2 million Robux have been earned.



The Wanwood Crown

The Wanwood Crown

The Wanwood Crown, another item on this list that is older than some Roblox users these days, was published in 2009. There is currently only one premium copy available. What is the worth of it? Who knows for sure?



Bling $$ Necklace - Roblox CatalogBling $$ Necklace

Bling Necklace was available for 250k Tickets in 2010. (an old Roblox currency which was removed sometime in 2016). Just 13 copies of the item are currently available, with a value of about 4 million Robux.



Domino Crown

Domino Crown

This Domino Crown series hat was only ever made in 13 parts. Just ten copies exist today, and its worth is estimated to be about 5 million Robux.



Eccentric Shop Teacher

Eccentric Shop Teacher

On May 10, 2010, a limited edition hat was issued. There are currently only two copies available. The cost is expected to be in the millions of Robux.



Dominus Infernus - Roblox Catalog

Dominus Infernus

When Roblox first released Dominus Infernus in 2010, users could purchase one of the 26 copies for 26k Robux. It is currently worth around 2 million Robux.



Dominus Astra - Roblox Category

Dominus Astra

Dominus Astra is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind hat from the Dominus series that was released in Roblox’s avatar shop in June of 2014. It is currently estimated to be worth about 4 million Robux.


Dominus Astra - Roblox Category

Dominus Frigidus

Dominus Frigidus is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind hat that Roblox released in the avatar shop in 2011. The third hat in the Dominus series, with a total of 26 copies produced. Just 9 copies are known to exist today, with a value of over 2 million Robux.



Dominus Empyreus

Dominus Empyreus

Dominus Empyreus is a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind hat that Roblox released in the avatar shop in 2010. It was originally priced at 13,337 Robux and only 26 products were available. The current market value of this item is estimated to be in excess of 5 million Robux. This brings us to the end of the Roblox Catalog’s ten legendary pieces!

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