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Best Superhero Games for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Superheroes are more common than ever, and there is a strong demand for superhero games on iOS and Android, so in higift we put together top 10 best superhero games for iOS (iPhone & iPad) to help you out.

Instead of the challenges we face today, our primary concerns as a kid were which superhero was the strongest or which one was our favorite. Of course, superheroes are always around, and they can be seen in some of our favorite movies and comic books. While several superhero games were released in the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond, many of them were either a fast cash-in or a half-effort reskin of another title. Some of the games we get these days are hit-or-miss, but for the most part, there are some pretty fine, high-quality titles available.

Now that you can play as your favorite superhero on your mobile device, you can take the thrill of battling villainy with you everywhere you go. There are a lot of choices, so it can be difficult to decide which one is really worth your time. We’ve compiled a list of the best superhero games for iOS so you can wear your disguise and save the world on your mobile device. Go to the App Store and get the one you like best!

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Top 10 Best Superhero Games for iOS

Best Superhero Games for iOS - Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

In this fighting superhero iOS game, you’ll choose your favorite Marvel superhero or supervillain and engage in fierce battles with other players. With over 190 different characters to choose from and modes such as story mode and 1-vs-1 battles, you’ll still be able to engage in an epic showdown.


Best Superhero Games for iOS - Injustice 2

Injustice 2

In this epic fighting game, you’ll face off against your favorite DC Superheroes and Villains. You collect cards, level them up, and then send them off to fight your opponents. There’s a complete story mode with console-quality cinematics and plenty of fights to keep you occupied, with combos and supernatural abilities to unleash in a variety of dynamic 3-vs-3 combat modes.


Best Superhero Games for iOS - Telltale Batman

Telltale Batman

This award-winning series allows you to solve crimes in the style of Batman. Talk to fascinating characters, look for clues, and make difficult decisions in this adventure where every option has an effect on the dark and twisted plot. The first episode is free, with subsequent episodes available for purchase in-app, enabling you to check it out before investing in this world of bats and baddies.


Best Superhero Games for iOS -Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

In the excellent LEGO edition of Marvel’s comic video game series, you can create the next superhero adventure brick by brick. This silly action game will keep you entertained as your favorite characters take to the scene in thrilling and amusing ways, fighting bad guys and solving puzzles. The impressive roster provides innovative ways to take on opponents, and there is always a surprise around every corner.


Best Superhero Games for iOS - One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

When it first came out, the anime was a pleasant surprise, with top-notch animation and a style that fit in well with the insanely influential manga series. This iOS idle superhero game takes the joy of the characters and their heroic deeds and pits you against insanely strong bosses and villains.


Best Superhero Games for iOS - Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Do you remember the Power Rangers? This game pits all of your favorite Rangers against virtual monsters and clones generated by Rita Repulsa herself. Fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this fighting superhero game for iOS, which features plenty of action and over-the-top fights, including battles with the Megazords themselves.


DC Comics Legends

DC Comics Legends

In this strategy role-playing game, you’ll team up with some of your favorite DC heroes and villains to battle other teams of four around iconic locations. Rank up your team members to boost their abilities and immerse yourself in a dynamic story that brings exciting battles to your mobile screen. There are many weekly activities and competitions to keep the brawls fun and new!

Ninja Turtles: Legends

Ninja Turtles: Legends

This explosively action-packed battler pits your pizza-loving friends against the dark powers of Kraang’s army. There’s plenty of turtle strength to go around with 5-vs-5 fights against your favorite TMNT characters and over 70 stages to complete! You will collect and level up over 30 characters from the show, then train them to form the coolest team this side of the sewers.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, collect your favorite heroes and vilest villains and match gems to battle the wicked H.A.M.M.E.R. organization’s fiercest enemies. This game takes the classic match-3 formula that made the series so popular and teams you up with over 230 of your favorite Marvel characters to fight in this puzzle RPG, with new characters being added all the time. It’s a shockingly specific superhero game for iPhone that you’ll enjoy if you like match-3 games!

Teen Titans GO Figure!

Teen Titans GO Figure!

The characters from Teen Titans Go have a game, and it’s a Pokémon clone, of all things. You will pick and customize your characters and place them in fun and frantic fights in demanding missions, which feature a slew of your favorite DC heroes. In this zany take on the collect-em-all genre, you can play as all five Teen Titans.

What’s your favorite superhero game on iOS?

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